'The Interview': Man Demands Refund After Buying $650 in Tickets

The Interview Still 5 - H 2014
Ed Araquel

The Interview Still 5 - H 2014

The comedy is in select theaters and available to stream online

Kim Jong Un apparently isn't the only person who's not a big fan of The Interview at the moment. 

Ohio resident Jason Best has demanded a refund from a movie theater after spending $650 on tickets for the controversial Seth Rogen film.

According to WCPO, Best purchased 50 tickets for the film's screenings at Esquire Theatre in Clifton, Ohio. He hoped to resell the tickets online and take advantage of the fact that it was the only area theater showing the film, following Sony having pulled a wide release in response to threats from hackers. 

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"I saw all the hype about The Interview on [Dec.] 23rd and thought, 'Hey, folks are selling these tickets in other cities and it seems like that's the thing to do right now, so why not give it a shot to see how it goes,' " Best said. 

However, after Best bought the bulk amount of tickets, Sony announced that, prior to the limited theatrical release, it was making the comedy available online via Google Play, YouTube and Xbox

Reduced demand for the film meant that Best was no longer able to sell his stash. But when he tried to take the tickets back to the Esquire, he was rebuffed.

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"I thought I'd get my money back because the theater's website *very clearly* said the tickets were refundable," Best wrote in an email to WPCO.

The theater sells tickets through MovieTickets.com, which states on its site that no refunds are allowed for special events. Esquire considered the Interview screenings to be special events because the Clifton location was the only theater in the chain to carry the film.

Theater manager Allyson Duncan added that the theater was also refusing a refund because Best intended to scalp the tickets. 

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