'The Interview' Promotional Items Are Suddenly High-Priced Collectibles

The Interview Poster - P 2014

A plastic cup could cost you more than $4,000 on eBay

Sony's decision to kill The Interview at the behest of North Korean terrorists has created a booming market for the movie poster and other items that were created to promote the movie.

At eBay, original, full-size posters of The Interview are getting lots of bids and are routinely selling for north of $200. Some are listed at "buy-now" prices of $1,000 and one optimistic seller has one that was briefly displayed -- presumably at a movie theater -- listed for $13,000.

Smaller flyers promoting the movie are going for more than $50 apiece, and a set of three golf balls advertising the movie sells for $50.

One of the more unlikely of the high-ticket items at eBay is a plastic, nuclear missile-shaped drinking cup that some sellers are listing for more than $4,000 apiece, though when they are listed for auction with a starting bid of $1 they usually sell for a more reasonable $50 or so.

Like the poster, the cup features the title of the film, some Korean writing and images of stars Seth Rogen and James Franco.

A subway banner advertising the movie is selling for $700 while a poster made for buses, measuring 30 square feet, is a relative bargain at $500. A vinyl poster, advertised as taken from a telephone booth in New York City, is selling for $549.

In all, eBay had more than 1,100 items listed pertaining to The Interview, which was set to open Christmas Day until Sony pulled the release after a major computer hack and threats that movie theaters would be bombed. The FBI says the unprecedented attack was orchestrated by the North Koreans, who objected to the comedy making fun of dictator Kim Jong Un. Most of the items on eBay, in fact, include an image of the dictator.

The Interview movie posters are fetching about the same amount of money as are movie posters of "Revenge of the Jedi," an item that was made rare in 1983 after the name of the film was changed to Return of the Jedi.

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