Int'l b.o. in 'Chuck' wedding party

$9.3 million debut drops 'Bourne' to 2nd place

Two guys named Chuck and Larry bumped off "The Bourne Ultimatum" during the weekend to finish first on the international circuit with an estimated $9.3 million box-office gross from 2,512 dates in 38 markets.

Debuting in seven markets, Universal International's "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" earned an estimated $3.1 million on 490 screens in Germany. The comedy, starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James as straight firefighters who pretend to be gay to receive domestic partner benefits, also recorded No. 1 openings in Austria, with $600,000 at 85 dates; Sweden, with an estimated $225,000 at 42 dates; Mexico, with $1.2 million from 300 screens; and Malaysia, where it earned $150,000 at 30 dates.

That performance was enough to push last week's top overseas film, Universal's "Bourne," into second on the international heap with an estimated $8.7 million from 4000 screens in 42 territories.

In its seventh weekend out, the Matt Damon spy thriller raised its international total to $161.7 million by coming in at No. 2 in France with an estimated $1.5 million at 450 dates, just behind the local film "99 Francs."

The action sequel had an estimated gross of $1.2 million in its fourth weekend in Germany at 596 dates, for a $12.6 million cume. The U.K. contributed another $740,000 at 224 dates for a 34-day total of $15.8 million.

"Bourne" has 10 more overseas territories yet to play, including Italy on Nov. 1 and China on Nov. 15.

Finishing at No. 3 for the weekend was Warner Bros. International's "The Brave One," with an estimated overseas take of $6.7 million from 2,050 prints in 21 markets. The Jodie Foster thriller opened in Spain with an estimated $1.3 million gross from 303 screens and opened in Germany to $1.1 million from 401 screens. "Brave" earned another $1.1 million in France on 277 screens, $1 million in Britain at 376 dates and $859,000 in Italy on 253 screens.

The international cume for "Brave" stands at an estimated $8.3 million.

In fourth place was Disney/ Pixar's "Ratatouille, which raked in $5.2 million on 2,574 screens in 34 markets to take the international total to $223.1 million. The animated movie earned $1.3 million in France at 711 dates — down a modest 15% in its ninth weekend — to take its cume to $57.8 million.

Fifth place overseas went to Warners' "No Reservations," which cooked up an estimated $4.5 million boxoffice gross during the weekend from 2,300 prints in 53 markets. The biggest opening was Japan, where the film earned $1.1 million on 292 screens, while Spain contributed $972,000 in its second weekend from 299 screens. "No Reservations" has an international total of $37 million.

The top five overseas films this weekend did $34.4 million in combined estimated boxoffice, well down on the $42.9 million for the top five grossers during the same period of 2006, which were led by Oliver Stone's Sept. 11 drama "World Trade Center."

Other notable performers internationally this weekend include Sony Pictures Releasing International's "Superbad" with $4 million on 1,240 screens in 14 markets, taking its international total to $16.3 million. Sony's "Surf's Up" brought in an estimated $2.8 million on 1,825 screens in 36 markets for a $50 million cume.

Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution" earned $2.9 million on 95 screens in his native Taiwan. The Mandarin-language espionage thriller will need to buck the NC-17 trend to fare as well when it bows at the North America boxoffice next weekend.

Elsewhere, 20th Century Fox International's "The Simpsons Movie" earned another $2.6 million on 1,500 screens in 13 markets. That takes Bart and company's international total to $336.6 million.

Paramount Pictures International's "Stardust" grossed an estimated $2.1 million from 720 locations across 17 territories, bringing its international to $22.5 million.

Other cume updates: PPI's "Shrek the Third," $467 million (weekend estimate: $1.8 million from 910 locations in 64 markets); PPI's "Transformers," $382.8 million (weekend estimate: $350,000 from 557 locations in 63 territories); and Fox's "Die Hard 4," $237 million (weekend estimate: $663,000 on 700 screens in 10 markets).