Intrepid inks scribes for 'Expendable'


NEW YORK -- Intrepid Pictures has acquired the graphic novel "The Expendable One" and signed Shane Kuhn and Brendan Cowles to write the screenplay for the superhero satire.

Intrepid Pictures partners Marc D. Evans and Trevor Macy will produce the feature, which centers on a typical suburban guy who accidentally injects himself with a serum that allows his body to heal from any injury. He tries to help some locals with the aid of a police radio, but when the CIA recruits him to find a serial killer, he finds he is in over his head.

Writer Jason M. Burns and illustrator Bryan Baugh published the book through Viper Comics last year.

Kuhn and Cowles are now writing the video game-inspired action film "Twitch" for Sony Pictures and Neal Moritz's Original Film. The pair is set to make their directorial debut with the Lionsgate horror film "Drive-Thru" and have a script deal at Focus Features' genre arm, Rogue Pictures.

Burns wrote the series "A Dummy's Guide to Danger." He is slated to direct his first independent feature, "Diary of a Jealous Man."

Intrepid's Evans and Macy negotiated with Endeavor and Jeff Frankel of Colden, McKuin & Frankel on behalf of Kuhn and Cowles. They negotiated with WMA on behalf of Burns and Viper Comics.