Intrepid sold on Spinelli's script


Intrepid Pictures is betting on Gary Spinelli.

The company pre-emptively has purchased Spinelli's original action script "The Highest Bid." Intrepid vp Anil Kurian brought in the project, which co-founders Trevor Macy and Marc D. Evans will finance and produce.

In "Bid," an art auctioneer moonlights by capturing criminals and auctioning them off to rival crime bosses. He runs into trouble, though, when a mysterious character from his past unites criminal factions against him.

Intrepid co-produced 2008's "The Strangers," which grossed $67 million worldwide. The company is developing a sequel with Relativity Media for a summer shoot.

Intrepid also is developing the action movie "The Cold Light of Day" and the graphic-novel adaptation "The Couriers."

Original Artists and Manus Entertainment rep Spinelli. (partialdiff)