Investigation Discovery Unveils Barbara Walters, Wendy Williams Series

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Barbara Walters

TLC says it is developing a show with Drew Barrymore and some shows with social media angles as other Discovery Communications networks also unveil new programming.

Discovery Communications on Tuesday unveiled new shows for its various cable networks, including Investigation Discovery series with Barbara Walters and Wendy Williams.

Among other show announcements, the Investigation Discovery channel unveiled American Scandal, which will be hosted by ABC News' Walters, and Death by Gossip With Wendy Williams, which Williams will host and executive produce.

It also touted a series about hotel murders executive produced by Joel Schumacher that The Hollywood Reporter previously reported on. Schumacher's Do Not Disturb: Hotel Horrors will feature real-life cases of hotel tragedies across America.

A show description of American Scandal says that Walters will revisit "some of the most compelling stories she has covered in her career, taking viewers inside scandalous stories that captured the public's attention and sharing personal experiences and never-before-seen footage." The six-part series promises to reveal new details about crimes committed by Jean Harris, Jim Bakker, Mark David Chapman and others.

"Offices, gyms and nosey neighborhoods all make for great rumor mills, until dishing the dirt ends with a deadly offense," a show description for Death by Gossip says.

Meanwhile, TLC announced it is developing I Got You Babies (working title) for 2016 from Magilla Entertainment and Drew Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen’s Flower Films. "We’ll follow four unique sets of parents over the course of a year as they tackle the ups and downs of being first-time parents," according to a show description.

Racing Extinction, a documentary from the team behind Academy Award-winning documentary The Cove that Discovery Channel acquired in a competitive situation at Sundance, is one of the programs that Discovery CEO David Zaslav said Tuesday he was most excited about. "It's an extraordinary film" and could reach 1 billion viewers by airing on the company's networks around the world. "We are going to get behind that in a big way."

Discovery advertising sales boss Joe Abruzzese said that "clients are really flocking to it" and have embraced it even though some may feel it is controversial.

Racing Extinction follows an undercover operation to expose "the hidden world of endangered species and the race to protect them" along with "the world's most dangerous black markets."

The film will be part of a larger, ongoing campaign to unite people to reduce carbon emissions and prevent the extinction of species, Discovery said. Paul Allen's Vulcan Productions is developing and executing the campaign and educational initiative.

Discovery's TLC also unveiled a slew of new shows. Here is a look at them:

Long Lost Family
This series helps people reunite with the family, friends or loved ones they've desperately been seeking.

Hardly Royal (working title)
A new series set to debut in the third quarter about Maryland native David Drew. Several years ago, after some web surfing, this blue-collar car repair advisor discovered that he's descended from a long line of British royalty. "David’s discovery confirmed that he is heir and rightful King of the Isle of Mann in the United Kingdom, and now it’s time for him and his family to see if they can not only claim his throne, but also the acceptance of both aristocrats and locals," a show description says.

Quinceanera (working title)
Cousins Alexis and Jarling are Miami’s premier Quinceanera party planners and dress shop owners servicing Latin American families as they celebrate their teenager’s transition into womanhood.

Dare to Wear
Some people get locked into one sense of fashion so strongly that they identify with only one look. In every episode, host and style expert Tai Beauchamp guides two extreme fashion disasters on total opposite sides of the style spectrum.

Brides Gone Styled
The bridal makeover show will explore what happens when a fashion victim’s bad taste threatens to ruin one of the biggest days of her life — her wedding day. Style experts Gretta Monahan and Robert Verdi have made it their mission to take the worst of the worst dressed brides and transform them into the most stunning brides imaginable.

Extreme Dream Weddings (working title)
The show follows three brides experiencing their most mind-blowing fantasy weddings in some of the unique, most extreme terrains on Earth.

#SaveMyStyle (working title)
"You've seen them on Facebook and Instagram — photos of friends who really shouldn't be wearing that outfit!" according to a show description. "But finally there's someone who can help. Celebrity stylist June Ambrose simply can’t resist bringing her distinctive styling skills to the people who reach out through her active online community."

Swipe Right (working title)
"Dating has gone digital by scrolling through hundreds of online photos and 'swiping' to show your interest," the show description says. "Hosted by Clinton Kelly and Devyn Simone, Swipe Right is the groundbreaking new series that brings the traditional makeover show up to date by transforming not only the wardrobe and attitude of our contributors but their entire social media profile."

3 Bad Dates, 1 Soul Mate (working title)
Each episode re-creates the dating misadventures of two women whose love lives play out like Hollywood rom-coms, and retells each of their three dating disasters with three very different guys. Despite these seemingly doomed dates, our self-confessed Bridget Joneses ends up marrying one of these men.

Marriage Pact (working title)
In this new social experiment, TLC will put to the test if the best marriage success comes from marrying your best friend or friend with benefits.

Married by Mom and Dad (working title)
In this new social experiment, men and women who have been unlucky in love have agreed to put their love lives and their futures in the hands of the people who know them best: their parents.

In addition, here's Science Channel's upcoming slate:

Secret Space Disasters
Each hourlong episode will explores the incredible near misses, close calls, unexpected encounters and dangerous discoveries in the history of human space travel. It will feature incredible untold stories that push science to the edge during mankind’s most death-defying space missions.

Geek Out or Freak Out (working title)
Part game show and part science experiment, this series will challenge contestants’ mental mettle by testing how much they really know about science. Taped in front of a live audience, contestants are put through the ringer as they answer questions for the most geek-tastic prizes. Those who crack under the pressure face the ultimate consequence as each “geek” could be tossed, dropped or dunked.

Short-Attention-Span Science (working title)
Premiering in early 2016, it's the cure for every ADD-riddled viewer who wants to understand life’s most perplexing questions in 163 seconds or less. Each episode tackles topics ranging from the Big Bang to why jingles get stuck in our heads.

Race to Escape
Two teams of three strangers compete in the ultimate test of grace under pressure. Trapped in a locked barber shop, a bar, or a 19th century drawing room, the teams race the clock to discover clues hidden in their room to open the door to freedom and wealth. As the time ticks down, so does the money they stand to win. The first team to escape takes the prize and ultimate bragging rights.

Machine Men (working title)
If you’ve got a problem, Justin Gray and his team of badass engineers, mad scientists, and tech gurus can solve it. From Twitter to Hollywood studios to a local marijuana farmer, clients come to Graywrx when the solution they need doesn’t exist yet. As new clients come in to see Gray with practical issues, you’ll get an inside look into a different world, and the science required to solve the problem.

True Spy (working title)
This series tells the tense and dramatic stories of international and corporate spies who risked it all as they stole scientific secrets, carried out daring acts of sabotage and led double lives. Each episode follows the dramatic narrative of one spy operating behind enemy lines using a combination of powerful interview and stylish drama recon, each episode will play out like a classic spy thriller.