Investors fund Howitt's 'Dangerous Parking'


LONDON -- A group of private investors has come together to fund the shooting of Peter Howitt's "Dangerous Parking," the filmmakers said Tuesday.

The film, an adaptation of the late Stuart Browne's only novel, stars the actor-turned-director alongside Saffron Burrows, Sean Pertwee, Rachael Stirling, Alice Evans, Tom Conti and Dervla Kirwan.

Produced by Richard Johns under Howitt and Johns' Flaming Pie Films banner, the movie details the story of a former alcoholic filmmaker who, having been diagnosed with cancer, evaluates his past life of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll and his relationship with his musician wife.

Browne died of cancer in 1999 shortly before the novel was published.

The filmmakers said the cash budget is from private investors, including executive producer Hani Farsi, and will be used to cover hard costs such as location fees, gas and food. "The rest (of the budget) will be donated by companies and individuals -- including the crew -- who receive shares of sales," the filmmakers said.

Sales are being handled by Simon Crowe of the recently established Velvet Octopus. Crowe, formerly head of sales at both Capitol and Icon, plans to take "Parking" to the upcoming American Film Market.
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