Invincible Pictures has apps to buy, rent films

Announces FlixFling at American Film Market

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Invincible Pictures used the American Film Market to announce the launch of FlixFling, an iPhone application for renting and purchasing films. The app will go live in the iTunes store as a free download Dec. 15, with support for BlackBerry and Facebook expected by the end of January.

FlixFling will allow users the ability to stream or download films to their phone, which they can plug in to their TV to watch the movie in DVD quality.

"Consumers are always looking for ways to watch their favorite films when they want. With FlixFling, the consumer gets just that," Invincible CEO Thomas Ashley said. "FlixFling's buffer time is less than 15 minutes, which is just enough time to get the popcorn ready."

Users can search by genre, title or by actor. Studios also have the option to create branded channels highlighting their content. FlixFling will features banner ads where studios and filmmakers can highlight their titles and new releases.

Rentals will cost $2.99; films can be purchased for $9.99; subscription plans will start at $9.99 per month. Users will have a three-day window to watch rented films after which the film is automatically removed.

Movies purchased through FlixFling will always be available as a free download under "My Movies" and users will be able to "fling" their films to the FlixFling Facebook application, where they can watch purchased or rented movies in virtual movie theaters.