Iowa Caucus Showdown Sparks Comedic Reactions

Maddow on ... Mitt Romney
Win McNamee/Getty Images

"You can't help but have some sympathy for the guy when he's been running forever. He's finally the front-runner, and the collective Republican response is to go all Peggy Lee on him, 'Is that all there is?'"

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump weighed in on Mitt Romney's victory, and other happenings, on Twitter.

In the closest race ever in the Iowa Caucuses, Mitt Romney beat Rick Santorum by a margin of eight votes, causing Rick Perry to suspend his campaign and leaving a bitter taste in Newt Gingrich's mouth.

Gingrich blamed attack ads, funded by super PACs supported by Romney followers, for his poor showing of 13% of the vote; Gingrich's remarks, as well as the entirety of the GOP candidates' battle for Iowa, elicited a torrent of comments from pundits on Twitter as they gave the play-by-play of Tuesday's showdown.

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With typical biting sarcasm The Daily Show's account wrote: "#TDSBreakingNews @NewtGingrich calls @MittRomney a liar. Romney returns fire, calls his revial 'Newt Gingrich.' #harsh."

In another humorous tweet, the Jon Stewart-hosted Comedy Central show said, "Tonight, someone will win the . Everyone else ate all that fried crap for nothing."

Meanwhile, Stewart's fellow pundit on the cable network, Stephen Colbert, projected the mock ignorance of his conservative alter ego.

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"I learned a lot covering the Iowa caucuses," Colbert enthused on the micro-blogging site. "For instance: Iowa and Idaho are not the same place. Uh oh, I'm becoming a geography nerd!"

Donald Trump took the opportunity to project -- or parody? -- his trademark egotism.

"It's no wonder @RickSantorumis surging in Iowa - he agreed to participate in the Newsmax-@iontv debate!," Trump tweeted, referencing the Republican presidential debate of which he was dropped as moderator.

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ABC News' Diane Sawyer was less cynical than her Twitter brethren.

"Tonight: Iowa does democracy. A simple piece of a paper- the name of your vote- surrounded by neighbors. What is more empowering than that?" she wrote.

With Romney's Iowa victory, and Santorum gaining momentum in the polls, the candidates -- including Gingrich, Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul -- and are moving on to their next destinations in New Hampshire and South Carolina.