Apple Expected to Introduce iPad 3 at March 7 Event

Steve Jobs - Apple Unveils Touch-Screen Tablet Device - P - 2011
Tony Avelar/Bloomberg/Getty Images

The computer maker is likely to add an improved retina screen, faster processor, and 4G cell access to the new model and might also introduce a new Apple TV.

Start lining up at the Apple store now. 

The computer maker is widely expected to introduce an updated iPad 3 at a media event scheduled for March 7.

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The invitations for the event, which were issued on Feb. 28,  feature a picture of an iPad screen with the tagline, "We have something you really have to see. And touch."

The company has not released any official information about an iPad 3, but Apple-focused websites have been abuzz with speculation about a new iPad for months.

Many observers believe a new model will feature a high-resolution retina display similar to that found on the iPhone 4. The new model is also likely to sport a faster processor and include access to the newest 4G cellular networks called LTE (for Long Term Evolution).

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Leaks from Chinese parts suppliers suggest the new model will be slightly thicker to accommodate the larger battery needed to compensate for the increased power requirements of the new screen and cellular chip.

Apple is expected to discontinue the iPad 2, though some sources suggest it will retain the wifi-only model as an alternative to the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet.

The company could also announce a new Apple TV at the March 7 event, which would include the ability to broadcast 1080p content and an improved Bluetooth 4.0-based remote.

Still, Apple is known for unexpected announcements so many observers are hoping for a last- minute "one more thing" surprise of the long-rumored Apple TV or touchscreen iMacs.