IPAF rolls out new anti-piracy campaign

'Accidental Pirate' seeks to enlighten 'honest' people

SYDNEY -- Australian anti-piracy body the Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation Thursday started rolling out a major new national advertising and public education campaign, covering print, television, radio, cinema and social media.

The campaign aims to combat the findings of research commissioned by IPAF that found that 1 in 3 Australians are involved in film and TV content theft, or piracy, while at the same time believing piracy is stealing or theft. 

“Our research provided us with some shocking overall statistics such as 53% of people pirated film or TV content during the year. We also found that people think they are basically honest.

We learned some Australians don’t agree with piracy and don’t think they contribute to the content theft problem while regularly doing it. People aren’t making the connection between their actions and their beliefs,"  said Gail Grant, CEO of IPAF.

“When you get to over half the population doing it it becomes really worrying,” Grant added. 

The campaign runs under the tagline “The Accidental Pirate,” and through TV and cinema commercials and an online game, is designed to make people question their actions and attitudes towards piracy and to find out more. 

“It’s all about education – helping accidental pirates realize that they are part of the problem. We also supported the campaign with a specially created website quiz that outlines everyday actions in an entertaining way.” added Tony Singleton, MD of creative agency The Furnace, who designed and created the campaign for IPAF. 

The new campaign replaces the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft three-year-old campaign, “What Are You Really Burning?”

In 2009, state and federal police around the conducted 69 raids involving movie piracy and seized 194,233 pirated DVDs. They also seized 749 burners capable of producing over 18 million pirated DVDs per year with a potential street value of over $94million.

IPAF is a coalition of industry groups and others involved in the entertainment sector, whose membership includes the Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia, the MPA, AFACT, several pay TV operators, and various cinema and home entertainment organizations.
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