iPhone 4 Explodes on Australian Flight

The original iPhone

Jobs introduced the first iPhone, which featured a unique touch screen interface, on Jan. 9, 2007. “iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone,” said Jobs. “We are all born with the ultimate pointing device -- our fingers -- and iPhone uses them to create the most revolutionary user interface since the mouse.”

The phone started emitting smoke and a red glow, forcing a flight attendant to carry out “recovery actions” on the plane.

The iPhone can do most anything these days, from giving directions to the nearest Thai food place to describing the traffic on your morning commute or allowing you to play a game of scrabble with your cousin who lives across the country.

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But one passenger on an Australian flight discovered that the iPhone could do one more thing – self-combust.

During a Regional Express (Rex) flight from Lismore to Sydney a passenger’s Apple iPhone 4 “started emitting a significant amount of dense smoke, accompanied by a red glow,” according to a release from Regional Express. The plane was in the midst of landing when the incident occurred.

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“In accordance with company standard safety procedures, the Flight Attendant carried out recovery actions immediately and the red glow was extinguished successfully,” the release stated. After landing, the phone was given to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

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Instances of exploding iPhones have occurred in the past. In 2009, a series of stories surfaced about iPhones overheating and exploding, including one about a teenager in France who was slightly injured after his iPhone stated hissing and shattered. The European Union launched an investigation, but Apple insisted that the incidents were isolated and due to external pressure.

Apple released its latest version of the iPhone, the 4S, in October. U.S. mobile phone carriers sold out of the iPhone 4S in pre-orders, and Apple said that they sold more than four million of the new product just three days after its launch.