iPhone 4S: What the Critics Are Saying


Many praise the "intelligent assistant" Siri, an innovative voice command system on the new Apple product.

The iPhone 4S fell into the hands of reviewers, and the tech pundits had plenty to say about the newest Apple product.

The star of the show is Siri, a voice activated command program which can answer a variety of questions you may ask to your phones, including, “What’s Sally’s number?” and “Is there a good restaurant near here?” After you ask your phone a question, it will think for a minute, and then a calm female voice will give you a reply.

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Additionally, pundits praised the changed to the camera and also commented on the phone’s new availability on Sprint.

More thoughts from the critics:

“The new OS is not only loaded with some important improvements — from how notifications about missed calls and other messages are displayed to how your device connects to your computer — it also introduces an innovative, voice-activated “intelligent assistant” named Siri,” wrote Joshua Topolsky of The Washington Post. “This is arguably one of the most meaningful updates to the iPhone we’ve ever seen.”

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“The iPhone 4S reminds me again of just what makes Apple’s products so special. It’s not really specifications or apps, but some other, intangible spark,” he wrote.

“When you throw in the amazing new voice-driven “intelligent assistant” Siri, it becomes a no-brainer, in my mind,” wrote TechCrunch’s MG Siegler.

“In the coming weeks and months, we’re going to hear: “both fill-in-the-blank-Android-phone and the iPhone 4S have voice control functionality”. But that’s like saying both Citizen Kane and BioDome are films. True on paper. Decidedly less true when you have to actually experience them,” he wrote.

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“There’s still no zoom and only a tiny LED flash — but otherwise, this phone comes dangerously close to displacing a $200 point-and-shoot digital camera,” wrote the New York TimesDavid Pogue.

“Siri saves time, fumbling and distraction, and profoundly changes the definition of “phone,” he continued.

Wired’s Brian X. Chen is also a fan of Siri. “It’s kind of like having the unpaid intern of my dreams at my beck and call, organizing my life for me. I think Siri on the iPhone is a life changer, and this is only the beginning.

However, he encouraged iPhone owners to hold out for the next version. “I think it’d be wiser for iPhone 4 owners to wait another year for the next iPhone, which will probably be dubbed the iPhone 5 and sport a radical new design and more internal enhancements, if the pattern holds,” he wrote.