iPhone Users Upset About Botched Daylight-Saving Time Change

Instead of "springing forward," some users found that Apple's device had actually turned the clock back an hour.

Some iPhone users woke up Sunday to find that the clocks on their devices botched the one-hour "spring forward" daylight-saving time change that had taken effect overnight.

They took to Twitter and other websites to complain that their phones had actually fallen back an hour, meaning the time shown on their phones was two hours off.
As a result, one user complained of having missed church, another of nearly missing yoga class, as picked up by the Associated Press.
It's not the first time the iPhone's clock hasn't worked properly. On New Year's Day, a glitch interfered with the alarm. Some users also complained that their iPhones botched the end of daylight-saving time in November.
The AP was unable to reach Apple for comment Sunday.