New iPod nano has FM tuner, live pause

Apple's new device also has video camera, pedometer

Steve Jobs back in the spotlight

You can bet that radio stations are jumping for joy over Apple's announcement Wednesday that its new iPod nano includes a built-in FM tuner, live pause and iTunes Tagging.

The radio industry, which has supported iTunes Tagging for the past three years, has been working even longer to get FM tuners installed in mobile devices as a way to increase the distribution of their signals. An FM tuner is already available in Microsoft's Zune, but Apple's iPods are far more ubiquitous. The new Zune, coming out Tuesday, will also have an HD Radio Tuner.

The new nano's live pause feature lets iPod users pause and resume playing their favorite FM radio show. If users hear a song they like, they can tag it, preview and purchase the song when the nano is synced to iTunes.

In addition to the FM tuner, the new nano also includes a video camera, mic and speaker, and a pedometer.

Apple has sold more than 100 million nanos.