Iran's Promised Hollywood Lawsuit to Go Beyond 'Argo' (Report)

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"Argo f--- yourself."

Alan Arkin as Lester, when asked what the title Argo means

"300," “The Wrestler,” and “Not Without My Daughter” have been named by Tehran as additional targets for “distorting the country’s image.”

Iran has indicated that its planned lawsuit against Hollywood will extend beyond Argo, including a handful of American films that it claims portray the Islamic Republic in a negative and unrealistic light.

At a conference at Tehran's Palestine cinema called, “The Hoax of Hollywood,” which was arranged shortly after Argo won best picture at the 2013 Oscars in February, a representative named Mohammad Lesani said authorities were convening to "unify all cultural communities in Iran against the attacks of the West, particularly Hollywood."

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According to a report in the Guardian, the additional Hollywood films that have angered the Iranians include: 300, for its depiction of King Leonidas and his 300 men fighting the Persians, which Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has previously declared insulting to Iranian history; Not Without My Daughter; and The Wrestler.

Iran’s hired foreign counsel, Isabelle Coutant-Peyre -- best known as the wife and lawyer of Venezuelan terrorist Carlos the Jackal -- also made some remarks from the conference. Described by Iranian state media as an “anti-Zionist lawyer,” Coutant-Peyre said she has been meeting with authorities in Tehran, discussing how to file a suit in an international court against Hollywood’s promulgation of “Iranophobia.”

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"I'll be defending Iran against films that have been made by Hollywood to distort the country's image, such as Argo," she said, according the Isna news agency.

According to the Guardian, near the end of the conference, an official condemned Argo as a "violation of international cultural norms," saying that its Oscar win was a "propaganda attack against our nation and the entirety of humanity."