Ireland boosts film-TV budget


The Irish Film Board has been awarded a 15% budget increase for 2007, bringing the agency's capital funding for film and television to €17 million ($21.8 million), minister for arts John O' Donoghue said Thursday (HR 11/17). The IFB's total allocation for 2007, including administration, is now €19.7 million ($25.2 million).

The 2007 budget increase is in line with the trend of rising government backing for the IFB. Its allocation has increased by 60% since 2002, while the value of the film and television industry has jumped from €96.9 million in 2005 to an estimated €175.7 million ($225 million) in 2006.

The increased allocation will help the board promote Ireland as a film location and fund a new office in Los Angeles, IFB chairman James Morris said in a statement.