Ireland tax incentives paying off

Amy Adams/Matthew Goode pic prepped

LONDON -- A shake-up in the country's system of tax incentives late last year already is paying dividends for the Irish filmmaking community. Case in point: the upcoming shoot for Spyglass Entertainment production of Anant Tucker's "Leap Year."

Starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, Tucker's "Leap Year" is expected to spend some $16.5 million on Irish crew and services, the Irish Film Board said Monday. The film details the story of an American woman who travels to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend. She ends up getting lost in the Irish countryside on her journey, where she meets a local inn keeper played by Goode and they set out to find her beau in Dublin.

Tucker is expected to prep and shoot in various locations throughout the country over a four- to five-month period and the project will be co-produced by Morgan O' Sullivan and James Flynn of World 2000, based at Ardmore Studios.

Irish production company World 2000 ("The Tudors") has a long running relationship with Spyglass, having previously worked on "Reign of Fire" and "The Count of Monte Cristo," both of which filmed in Ireland.

Late last year, the Irish government greenlighted plans to raise the individual investor cap for those wishing to invest finance in film in Ireland. The government upped it to £50,000 ($65,000) per annum, from the previous limit of £31,750 and pushed up the relief on it to 100% from 80%.
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