'Iron Lady's' Meryl Streep: Fashion Icon?

Meryl Streep Kramer vs. Kramer - P 2011
Courtesy Everett Collection

Meryl Streep Kramer vs. Kramer - P 2011

The oldest woman to ever grace the cover of Vogue Magazine is now inspiring one fashion designer's entire collection.

What comes to mind when we conjure Meryl Streep? Most Oscar nominated female of all time? Greatest living actress? Whatever it is, it isn't usually fashion related - unless it concerns The Devil Wears Prada. And even when Streep starred as an Anna Wintour-like major fashion magazine editrix in that highly successful film, and wore unbelievable designer outfits back to back, she admitted she personally really doesn't care much about clothes. Even her looks in January 2012's Vogue are extremely paired down and simple.

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Now a respected Danish designer named Peter Jensen has built his resort 2012 collection on Streep's early image from films like Kramer vs. Kramer and Woody Allen's Manhattan.

In the '80s when she started out, Streep had long straight blonde locks pushed to one side, a long aquiline fine face identified with Wasp-y-ness, and she most often played chic New York business women who wore trenchcoats, pantsuits and tapered trousers with blouses. Jensen even calls the collection "Meryl," and a handful of the pieces have landed in the U.S. at stores La Garconne, Opening Ceremony and Ten Over Six.

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La Garconne even ran a great blog on the collection called "Channeling Meryl," and they show Jensen's looks on model Ikeliene Stange, who's a real ringer for the younger Streep.

How would Meryl react, we wonder? She'd no doubt be flattered - and if we know Streep, she'd give it a good laugh! Although she did sport a Balenciaga dress to 2011's SAG Awards, she's not one for labels unless - maybe - for the Oscars.