'Iron Man 3' Dominates Hong Kong Box Office in 2013

Iron Man 3 3D One Sheet - P 2013

Total box office in Hong Kong was $209 million in 2013, a 4.24 percent increase over 2012.

HONG KONG -- Iron Man 3 dominated Hong Kong's box office in 2013, while Unbeatable went uncontested in the Chinese-language film top 10 list.

The Marvel threequel starring Robert Downey Jr. took $13.7 million (HK$106.4 million) during its two-month release in Hong Kong in mid-2013, according to Hong Kong Box Office Ltd., a subsidiary of the Motion Pictures Industry Association and Hong Kong Theatres Association. It is the only non-James-Cameron-directed film to have broken the HK$100 million mark ($12.9 million) in the territory.

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Coming second was Pixar's animated feature Monsters University, with a $9.95 million gross.

The MMA-drama Unbeatable, starring Nick Cheung, took $5.7 million to become the third top-grossing film of the year and the highest grossing Chinese-language film in 2013.

The Brad Pitt-produced and starred World War Z came in fourth with a $5.5 million take, followed by Marvel's Thor: The Dark World with $4.7 million in fifth place.

Men of Steel, Despicable Me 2, and Pacific Rim came next, with grosses of $4.3 million, $4.2 million, and $4 million, respectively.

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Over on the Chinese language top 10, the still-running The White Storm took second with $3.9 million, followed by Journey to the West, a bona fide blockbuster, grossing over $205.9 million (1.24 billion yuan) in mainland China, with a $3.65 million take in Hong Kong. The Christmas-released Firestorm came fourth with $2.8 million, while Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmaster, one of the 10 shortlisted foreign language film contenders for the Academy Awards, slid into fifth with $2.7 million.

Total Hong Kong box office in 2013 rose to $209 million from $200 million in 2012, a 4.24 percent increase. A total of 310 films were released, compared with 301 in 2012. Among them, 42 were Hong Kong productions, while 268 were foreign imports. The number of non-Hong Kong productions continued to grow in this city of 200 screens during 2013, as only 249 foreign films were released in 2012.