Nazisploitation Film 'Iron Sky' Hitting U.S. Theaters Via Web Platform Tugg

Berlinale Film Festival

Canada's Entertainment One will make the movie, which bowed in Berlin, available on the action web platform that allows moviegoers to pick films for local cinemas.

TORONTO -- Nazis are set to attack Earth, via Tugg.

Entertainment One Films U.S. is to make Iron Sky, the Finnish Nazisploitation film by director Timo Vuorensola, available on the action web platform that allows moviegoers to choose the films that play in their local theaters, just as the film gets a limited theatrical release in July.

The Blind Spot Pictures film portrays a colony of escaped Nazis preparing to invade Earth from a Space hideout to establish the Fourth Reich as the new, new world order.

The producers already went online to crowd-source financing for a part of the Iron Sky budget.

“We’re thrilled to utilize Tugg’s platform for Iron Sky. The film’s tremendous online momentum made Tugg a well-suited partner for us,” Dylan Wiley, vp theatrical marketing and distribution at eOne Films U.S., said Wednesday.

Iron Sky bowed at the 2012 Berlin Film Festival and screened in the U.S. as part of the Midnighters screening series at the 2012 South by Southwest Film Festival.

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