Watch Vladimir Putin Character Dance in Teaser for 'Iron Sky: The Coming Race'

Vladimir Putin in 'Iron Sky The Coming Race'

After annexing Ukraine, the Russian president likes to unwind with a little topless dancing

A barechested Vladimir Putin busts a move in the new teaser for Iron Sky: The Coming Race.

The Russian president will be one of the villains in the crowd-financed sci-fi spoof, the sequel to 2012 feature Iron Sky. In a new teaser for the film, producers give a sneak peek at their Putin character, played by Finnish actor Kari Ketonen (Sauna).

The teaser shows Putin in his office at the Kremlin, taping together a new map of Europe, featuring a continent-spanning greater Russia.

As the soundtrack swells, Putin stands up, tears off his shirt and starts an emphatic version of the traditional squat-and-stomp Russian folk dance.

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Iron Sky producers have put the trailer online and are encouraging fans to remix it.

"I got inspired by the myriad of remixed versions of the new Star Wars teaser trailer," said Iron Sky director Timo Vuorensola. "I wanted to see and hear what our fans can come up with with this material."

Watch the new teaser below:

The film's producers will take the best remixes and post them on Iron Sky's official Facebook page and YouTube account. The action is part of the crowdfunding campaign for Iron Sky The Coming Race on the IndieGoGo platform, which has so far raised more than $200,000 towards preproduction for the film.

The filmmakers launched the current phase of their crowdfunding efforts at the American Film Market last month. They are targeting a total of $500,000 in preproduction financing for this first round. Overall, the Iron Sky team is looking to raise $10 million of the $15 million budget for the new film from crowdfunding sources.

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