'This Is 40' Deleted Scene Explores Sex Fantasies, Handicaps and 'Poop Feelings' (Video)

This Is 40 Rudd Mann - H 2012

This Is 40 Rudd Mann - H 2012

In a scene cut from Judd Apatow's new comedy, Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann discuss very intimate business with Robert Smigel and Annie Mumolo.

Judd Apatow's This Is 40 is both a comedy and an uncompromising look at the shifts in life as a couple hits middle age, from the big financial issues of home ownership to the politics of Viagara, anal irregularities and breast degeneration. And if some of those topics sound tough to swallow, what was left out of the movie would really make you do a spit-take.

Film Review: 'This Is 40'

In a deleted scene from the two hour, 14 minute film, Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debby (Leslie Mann) discuss their plans for a new, happier life with their best friends, Barry (Robert Smigel) and Barb (Annie Mumolo) over a fancy dinner. It's just the kind of setting that brings out the sophisticated erections, handicap bathroom use and Judge Judy fantasies.

Barry and Barb no longer have sex -- thanks to the advice of Deepak Chopra -- but it doesn't mean they didn't have an interesting romantic life in the past.

"Anal sex was great. One other thing I loved about it was, from behind, she could be anyone I want, she could be any brunette," Barry remembers. "She could be Patricia Heaton in the third and fourth season of Everybody Loves Raymond, after the boob job... or she could be herself. Or she could be Judge Judy."

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