'This Is 40' Featurette Delivers Sex Talk, Constipation and Middle-Aged Frustration (Video)


Opens Dec. 21

A new look into the "sorta" sequel to "Knocked Up" offers an intimate view of Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann's painfully funny marriage.

In the short term, younger viewers can look forward to what looks like entry into Judd Apatow's signature raunch-sweet canon.

The long term looks a little bit dicey.

A new featurette for This Is 40, the semi-spinoff to 2007's Knocked Up, features some new footage from the December-dated film, which looks to be a romp through a midlife crisis.

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann reprise their roles as Pete and Debbie, the perennially bickering couple and parents to Sadie and Charlotte, played by Apatow and Mann's real-life daughters, Maude and Iris. The girls are five years older in this film, in the throes of teenage neuroses, which matches (and clashes with) the existential nightmares of their parents.

In what has to be the most plainly realistic, frank and unfortunate onscreen rejections, Debbie tells Pete that she is too constipated for sex (she also admonishes him for farting in bed), which only goes to reinforce Apatow's theory that to survive in a relationship, a couple must take things a lot less seriously.