This Is Amy Schumer’s Pre-Golden Globes Facial Plan

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Amy Schumer

Her esthetician, Georgia Louise, shares how she prepped the future Barbie for her turn presenting at the awards show.

Los Angeles isn’t the only site of busy preparations for the Golden Globes on Sunday. In her Manhattan atelier, celebrity facialist Georgia Louise has been seeing Amy Schumer and other hush-hush A-list talent on a weekly basis to ensure their complexions are in picture-perfect shape.

Over the weekend, Louise — whose fans include Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence — will be making the trip cross-country to give attendees their final treatments on Saturday, packing an oxygen machine, an array of collagen masks and products for vitamin infusions. Her special awards-season facial involves “lots of microcurrent, light therapy, oxygen and all the brightening things to really tighten and brighten the skin,” she says.

For Schumer’s 90-minute facial finale, says Louise, “I always start with a nice plumping lactic acid because that helps remove any extra skin cells and then a lot of microcurrent lifting, lots of oxygen therapy and red and blue LED light.”

The full program starts almost a month out, though, with each week focused on one aspect of complete beauty. (Louise also has her own eponymous natural, plant-based product line to help clients maintain their skin.) “First it’s getting the pores squeaky clean, then the second week is working with microcurrents to tighten and brighten. The third week is really to make skin shiny and tight, so they feel amazing with makeup on.” As important as the machines are, there’s a major element of human touch. “It’s how you massage the skin — handwork. It makes a difference,” says Louise. Lymphatic-drainage massage comes into play closer to the event to de-puff, so her clients aren't "walking out red and blotchy. It’s more about brightening and infusing all the good things in their skin."

The facial focus for her model clients is "clean skin and every pore crystal clear," says Louise. "But in Hollywood, they all want to look 10 years younger ... so it’s all about microcurrent and tightening and LED light and fine lines and wrinkles. That’s generally what I’m known for — the noninvasive tricks of the trade, as opposed to injectables."

Louise is up on the latest advancements, too, like radio frequency, which she says is thermal heating that tightens the skin over time and gives instant gratification after one treatment, with more dramatic results after six weekly treatments. “The more you have it, the tighter your skin gets — it’s amazing.” Dermaplaning — using a 10-gauge scalpel to scrape off the top layer of skin — is a method for exfoliation that has her clients and their makeup artists very excited. “With high-definition TV, the skin has to be really flawless on camera. It’s a really big trend.”

And she fields lots of requests for stem cells injected into the skin with a vibrating microneedle pen. Louise says three of these treatments, which use FDA-approved human stem cells from the gut, are equivalent to one Fraxel treatment and address pigmentation, skin tone, brightening, fine lines and wrinkles.

With prep like this, it’s no wonder stars’ complexions look so otherworldly smooth, supple and spectacular.

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