Mike Pence Deletes Tweet Saying He "Casted" His Vote

Mike Pence Voting - Screenshot - H - 2016

People turned to Merriam-Webster Dictionary to see if Pence's use of the verb was correct. (It wasn't.)

Mike Pence "casted" his vote on Election Day, and then he quickly deleted a tweet.

Shortly after visiting his polling station in Indianapolis on Tuesday afternoon, the Republican vice presidential candidate sent a tweet to his followers documenting the moment he and wife Karen Pence cast their votes.

"We've casted our vote. Have you?" wrote Pence in the since-deleted post, which also included a link where voters can find their polling place.

Voters on social media, however, were quick to question Pence's use of the verb. As a result, Donald Trump's running mate promptly deleted the tweet and sent out another with the correct use of the word.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary, which has been a source for policing the language spoken during this election cycle (including Trump's questioned use of the word "bigly"), said searches for "cast" began to rise after Pence's tweet.

The dictionary company clarified that "cast" searches spiked because they do not have an entry for "casted," as it is not a word used in modern English. The past tense and the past participle uses of "cast" are used to reflect the future, present or past tense. "Casting" can also be used, the company explained.