Here's How Designer Melissa Coker Survives Coachella (Q&A)

Stephanie Keenan
Jenny Lewis, left, and Melissa Coker at last year's Coachella.

The stylish mastermind behind the viral "First Kiss" video dishes on how she survives the desert -- and the one fashion trend she doesn't want to see this year.

Surviving Coachella is no easy task, but thankfully, L.A.-based designer Melissa Coker -- whose contemporary womenswear line Wren has fans in Zooey Deschanel, Katie Holmes, and Coachella festival staples Vanessa Hudgens and Alexa Chung -- offered some sound advice on how to make the most of the three-day music fest.

See what the stylish genius behind the viral "First Kiss" video had to say about who's her favorite street style star at the fest and how she survives the heat. Hint: Hang by the pool and stick with short cotton dresses.

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Coachella -- can't believe it's this weekend! Who are you excited to see perform?

I'm especially excited to see Bryan Ferry & ASAP Ferg. Bryan Ferry because, well, I'm human. Who wouldn't be over the moon to see him -- he's a legend!  ASAP Ferg -- I saw perform a couple of times last year and it left me wanting more, more and more. I love the whole ASAP Mob. They sound amazing, look amazing -- great style, super hot. What more can you ask for? 

Totally. Since you'll be stuck in the heat for three days, what are you bringing to stay cool?

I love long-sleeve, super short, baby-doll-style cotton dresses. They are so light and airy and protect you from the crazy intense sun. They're my secret weapon for beating the heat.

The heat is awful. How do you survive that scorching weather?

Hang poolside during the scorching hot daylight hours and head over to the festival closer to dusk. It's far more chill -- plus the primetime pool scene can be an event in itself. 

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We can only imagine! Which are your fave parties to hit up?

There are tons of great off-site parties! The party schedule rivals the festival itself.

No kidding. OK, let's talk fashion -- whose street style are you into at the fest? 

Solange Knowles is one of my Coachella street style favorites -- effortless, colorful, cool and sexy. Plus she was an early adopter of one of my favorite trends -- crop tops.

What's the last fashion trend you want to see this year?

Flower crowns, begone! 

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Now for shoes, which pair are you planning to bring with you?


Anything else you want to add about the fest?

I am sad to this day that I missed Phoenix performing with R. Kelly. Sounds like the show of a lifetime.