This Is How Erin and Sara Foster Feel About Social Media-Driven Fame

erin and sara foster - H 2015
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erin and sara foster - H 2015

With the season finale of their VH1 show, 'Barely Famous,' on Wednesday, the sisters chat about the process of becoming famous nowadays on The Thick.

If you didn't hear about Erin and Sara Foster before, it was only a matter of time until you discovered the sister duo with their new reality-show spoof, Barely Famous, which debuted last month on VH1 . On the heels of the series' season finale on Wednesday, The Wall Group's digital editorial site, The Thick, featured a conversation between the siblings (and daughters to famed music producer David Foster) — and it's as hilarious as you'd expect. 

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"'Famous means nothing today. You can post one bikini selfie on Instagram and people know your name," said Erin, adding that "while most people in Los Angeles were trying to get a reality show, we were trying our hardest not to be on one." Hence why they decided to develop Barely Famous — part mockumentary, part reality show — and blur the lines of what is and isn't real on the small screen.

"A lot of what our show, Barely Famous, does is poke fun at people who take themselves too seriously. It's hard not to get sucked into this notion of 'if I post the right pictures, or sell myself in the right way, then people will start paying attention,' " said Sara. "Having an audience is considered success these days, but there are a lot of 'famous' people who I don't consider successful."

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She added: "That's another huge part of our show: exposing the smoke and mirrors used by people who are just trying to be famous. Paparazzi aren't following them to a gas station; they're being tipped off, by the 'celebrities' themselves, to meet them there. It's all about creating an illusion to make these men or women seem more important than they actually are."

While most folks have used social media to enhance their image for fame, Sara shared, "I'm proud to say I have never altered one picture of myself — not even photoshopped a zit — aside from using a filter."

Check out their convo over on The Thick.