This Is How to Get Instantly Clean in the New Year

Liev Schreiber and sons Athletic Wipe Inset - H 2014
REX USA; Courtesy of ShowerPill

Liev Schreiber and sons Athletic Wipe Inset - H 2014

Planning to hike or ride to work in 2015? Here's an easy solution to arriving to the office sweat-free.

If you're like us, you're munching on brownies that have been delivered to your office while dreaming of all the new ways you're going to improve your eating habits and workouts in 2015. 'Tis the season to overeat, indulge and make all kinds of rules you'll probably never follow for the new year in terms of exercise discipline.

But a colleague who cycles to work every single day gave us a hot tip recently: the Athletic Body Wipe by Showerpill. When we made all sorts of excuses about why we couldn't ride our bikes to work all the time, he laughed us off and handed us one of these wipes. It's essentially a shower in a packet. It's alcohol-free, infused with moisturizer, vitamin E and aloe vera, and has a nice light scent. It even claims to kill 99 percent of germs on the body. Plus it's the size of an iPhone 6 but much thinner. 

So we took his advice and rode our bikes to work in nice clothes. When we arrived, we hit the bathroom, and after a few minutes, we were fresh and clean, smelling almost like freshly dry-cleaned clothes. Sure, it wasn't just like popping in the shower, but it was a very close second. It's under $10 for 10 individually wrapped body wipes, and boy, can we think of ways to use them in the new year! Whether it's used while traveling to Hawaii or spending a summer in New York, you can bet we'll be staying clean all day with these portable bad boys. Just add some perfume and go. Anywhere.