This Is How to Get Sky Ferreira's Redken Ad Rainbow Braids


The singer sports bold, colorful braids in her new Redken ads, and the mane man who made them tells us his tricks

At this point it’s hard to name a young singer or TV personality who hasn’t tried Crayola-colored hair — from Katy Perry, Zoe Kravitz and Jessie J to Kylie Jenner, Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne. The typically platinum singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira is the latest to rock the look, in new campaign images for Redken, albeit in a conveniently noncommittal way.

Promoting the haircare brand’s new Color Rebel Hair Makeup line, the shots capture Ferreira as a brunette in a red-dipped braid, as well as in her natural bleached-blond state with a My Little Pony-esque pink and purple side cornrow braid. The color is completely temporary — it washes out after two shampoos.   

“Sky is always changing up her style and she’s not afraid to try new looks, which makes her the ultimate Color Rebel,” says Redken artist Jorge Joao, who styled Ferreira’s mane for the ads. “She’s able to express herself through fashion and hairstyles, and Color Rebel helps her change up her color whenever and however without damaging her hair.”

To emulate Ferreira’s Technicolor braids, Joao recommends starting with something as simple as a braided ponytail or a small braided section in the front of the head if the French braid across the crown is too complicated. (He suggests rubbing a small amount of Redken Rewind 06 Pliable Styling Paste in your hands before starting to braid.)

The red hue is Color Rebel Red-y to Rock, and Joao used Purple Riot and Punked Up Pink for the blonde look (the line also includes Rebel Without a Coral and Gilty as Charged, which he says looks especially great on dark hair). Once the styling is done, says Joao, shake the product well, prime and “apply in long, smooth sweeping motions. Follow along the length of the braid, using medium pressure until you see the [color] results you want,”he says. “For more intense color, make sure the sponge applicator tip is fully saturated.”

Next, select face-framing pieces from the loose hair and apply more Color Rebel, “pulling the sections taut during application and combing through before applying a second layer to avoid clumping.” That layering, he says, will achieve the optimal results. “And you can blow-dry wherever you applied it to dry quicker.”

“It’s all about making your own personal statement,” says Joao of rainbow-toned tresses. “Instead of going blonder, people are going bolder — pastels and bright pops of color are definitely the hair trend of the moment.”