This Is How 'Jane the Virgin's' Gina Rodriguez Met Her Stylist

Gina Rodriguez Kipling - P 2014
Courtesy of Kipling/Getty Images/Jerod Harris

She also told us her holiday plans during Kipling's event on Friday evening

The holidays are officially in full swing, and it looks like Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez has already received a pretty special gift: She was named one of the major threats for a Golden Globes nom by The Hollywood Reporter's lead awards analyst, Scott Feinberg. Her response to the news? "I've never been a major threat of anything. I'm like, 'This little thing?' " the CW actress laughingly told Pret-a-Reporter during Kipling's holiday event at the Grove on Friday evening. "But I mean the idea of having the possibility of even being considered is such an honor."

Given the support from both fans and critics alike, it's not surprising that the Chicago-born star is an awards contender for her titular role as hardworking Jane Villanueva, who is accidentally inseminated. As she prepares to make her rounds through the awards circuit, you can bet the 30-year-old will be stepping out in her best red-carpet ensembles. The actress will have no problem in that department with her longtime friend and stylist, Lauren Rodriguez, by her side. Rodriguez shared that the two met because "her boyfriend was in Filly Brown with me. I was going to Sundance, and I couldn't afford a stylist. She was like, 'I would love to style you,' and she styled me for Sundance. … She's my style guru."

Since then, the actress has worked with Lauren to get ready for events; otherwise she would have just "shown up in my PJs," Rodriguez jokingly said, while wearing a black-and-white striped Bardot dress, cream-colored coat and a pair of knee-high boots she received as a gift from Lauren.

But before she starts worrying about the next major awards show, Rodriguez is looking forward to spending the holidays with her boyfriend and her family, and of course, finding the perfect presents for them. "I haven't started looking at gifts quite yet, but I'm thinking it's going to be in the vein of being very personal," shared Rodriguez. Luckily for her, Kipling — a brand the actress discovered in seventh grade and saved up to buy one of its bags — offered monogrammed pouches onsite. "Done. I'm getting one for my sister," said Rodriguez. And just like that, she crossed one person off her holiday list.