This Is How Raf Simons Feels About Fashion Nowadays

raf simons - H 2015
AP Images

raf simons - H 2015

Dior's creative director laments, "the mystique is gone."

In the midst of the whirlwind that is fashion month, veteran designers appear to be coming out of the woodwork to critique the industry itself for lacking inspiration and novelty.

Following the revelation of Marc Jacobs' disappointment with young designers, Raf Simons' interview in the March issue of Elle implores that he, too, is unimpressed with the trajectory of the world of fashion. He tells the publication, "Fashion is now pop, where it used to be a niche. It moves with such speed — sometimes it leads to a lack of depth. The mystique is gone."

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The 47-year-old creative director of Dior feels that nowadays "access is too easy" and equates the modern process of rising to the status of an elite fashion designer to the regimented practice of becoming a lawyer. Simons' romanticized view of fashion is part of his self-described "love-hate affair" with his chosen trade, but concedes that in the end, "fashion is about commerce. That's OK."