This Is The New Way Bloggers Are Launching Their Own Lines

Courtesy of Autumn Communications
Pink Peonies collection by DBA client and fashion blogger Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies.

Digital Brand Architects — the agency that reps superstar bloggers Shea Marie and Aimee Song — has created a new platform that will allow their clients to launch their own labels.

Digital Brand Architects (DBA), the social agency that was first of its kind to manage the business affairs of bloggers via its talent division, is breaking new online ground with the announcement of Digital Brand Products, a platform to enable bloggers to launch their own lifestyle and fashion labels from start to finish.

“We are building brands with talented and influential individuals across the fashion, food and lifestyle arenas, as well as identifying great products and product categories and connecting them with an online consumer, marketed primarily through digital channels,” says Daniel Landver, CEO of DBP. “Our influencer partners have built great brands already with devoted and dedicated followers, and they have a voice and aesthetic they want to convey through product development. The biggest challenge is how to do that well. DBP solves that challenge through expertise in product development, manufacturing, ecommerce, merchandising and marketing.”

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DBA, which launched in 2010, currently works with some of the biggest names in the digital sphere, from Gal Meets Glam’s Julia Engel, to Gaby Dalkin of What’s Gaby Cooking. In 2014 alone, the company, which is comprised of both a traditional social agency and a talent management agency, generated more than 2.6 billion social impressions in 2014.

Three product lines are already in the pipeline for October, says Landver, who anticipates a total of 10 new influencer businesses by year’s end across the fashion, food and lifestyle spaces. Digital Brand Products will offer influencers both financial and operational support, as well as expertise managing the product and brand-building process. DBA clients Aimee Song of Song of Style has already launched her own apparel line, while Peace Love Shea’s Shea Marie debuted a collaboration with Steve Madden.

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“The first factors for identifying the right talent are passion and point of view,” says DBA co-founder and chief strategy officer Raina Penchansky.  “We are not just slapping people’s names on generic product. The goal is to build long-term viable brands. A secondary factor will be conversion and the relationship with their audience. You can have a massive following but if your audience doesn’t feel that a product line is an organic extension to the conversation, a brand will never work.”

Adds Landver, “There are influencer brands you don’t know about now that you will in a year's time that have the potential to be the next J. Crew or Levi's.”