This Is the Story Behind Zoe Kravitz' Waist-Grazing Braids

C Magazine October 2015 Zoe Kravitz Cover - P 2015
Courtesy of C Magazine

C Magazine October 2015 Zoe Kravitz Cover - P 2015

What began as a joke evolved into something more.

At some point or another, we've all had a "wouldn't it be funny if I..." style moment — whether you're considering a minor change, such as subtle Kate Middleton bangs, or something a bit more drastic, like a shaved head. But what began as a sort-of joke hairstyle for Zoe Kravitz, who stars on the cover of this month's C Magazine, over time became a much more powerful statement. 

“I originally did them as a joke, like an ode to the ’90s,” she tells the glossy of her now signature waist-grazing braids. But even though they weren't a "symbolic" choice from the get-go, she adds,"it still feels important, I think, to be a brown girl with natural hair. You see blond girls with the same hair in every movie.” The sentiment is very much in line with the actress' approach to Hollywood, too. 

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"I’m not auditioning for roles for white girls just to prove a point. I try to be color-blind and audition for roles that are for me and that I can relate to,” she adds. 

The Divergent series star, who notes Dior as well as Alexander Wang as some of her favorite designers (she rocked Wang's Balenciaga design at this year's Met Gala), also uses fashion as a tool to make a statement. "It’s just the biggest F.U. when you have confidence and you’re wearing something crazy,” said the 26-year-old.