This Is What Alexa Chung Likes to Wear on Dates

AP Images

During Thursday evening's L.A. launch party for her collab with AG Jeans, the "It" Brit shared what outfit makes her feel most comfortable during a date. Hint: It's one of the pieces you can snap up from her denim collection.

While most designers usually have a few famous faces they'd loved to see wearing their latest creations, such isn't necessarily the case for fashion darling Alexa Chung, who recently launched her 20-piece collection with AG Jeans.

"I'm more impressed by girls on the streets who dress really well. I get more excitement from the idea that someone who was moved enough to actually go out of their way to buy it because they liked it," Chung shared with Pret-a-Reporter during her L.A. launch party (one of four stops; next up is Tokyo) at a private Beverly Hills residence on Thursday evening, pointing out that most celebrities have stylists so their outfits don't necessarily feel as genuine. However, she quickly followed up, "With that said, I like Rihanna."

Another musician she adores? "Patti Smith," said Chung, without skipping a beat, when asked who she'd want to see starring in the AC for AG ad given fashion's recent obsession with casting older women in campaigns. "She's great and we had a picture of her up on the wall," added the former Fuse News co-host — who currently stars in her own campaign ("That by the way wasn't necessarily my idea," she notes) — of drawing inspiration from the '60s and '70s for her latest range.

Chung, who donned the AC for AG "Julie" dress, a Topshop leopard-print coat and Chanel booties, shared that her collection with AG was different than past projects because "it was fairly autonomous. I was really given free rein and in a way, it was actually intimidating." Despite any initial fears, Chung sounded like she was in good hands. "The guys from AG basically won me over with charm, wine, pasta and the promises of education, in that order."

While every piece from the collection reflects Chung's personal style, no item screams her name more than the overalls. Asked if she ever goes on a date in dungarees, Chung responded: "I wear overalls to every date — that's my date outfit. [...] At the end of the day, if I am myself and they like me, then that's probably a good indication. I don't ever feel more comfortable than I do in overalls." Some wine and pasta might help, too.