This Is What Naomie Harris Eats Every Morning for Breakfast

Hint: It's not huevos rancheros.

Naomie Harris glows on the red carpet, and perhaps that has to do with what she eats every day for breakfast.

In a round of How Well Do You Know Me?, Harris asks her makeup artist, Alex Babsky, who poses with her for The Hollywood Reporter's 2016 Beauty Issue, a series of questions to test how well he knows his client. One of the questions? What does she eat for breakfast every morning?

"Well, lately, I know it's been huevos rancheros," says Babsky. The Moonlight actress responds, laughing, "That's when I'm on the road, Alex. But [when] I'm at home — what do I normally bring to shoots?"

To which Babsky answers: "A flask with some kind of soup." Ding ding ding!

Check out the video above to see if Babsky knows Harris' favorite movie, whether she wears makeup on her day off, and if she prefers coffee or tea.