This Is What 'Selma' Star Carmen Ejogo Listens to Before a Red Carpet

David Oyelowo Carmen Ejogo - P 2015
Getty Images/Courtesy of W Magazine

David Oyelowo Carmen Ejogo - P 2015

Hit repeat and hit the carpet

It’s her first headlong dive into awards season, but veteran actress Carmen Ejogo knows how to get in the mood before hitting the demanding red-carpet scene: music.

“Little Dragon — that’s my go-to band right now,” says Ejogo, who plays Coretta Scott King to David Oyelowo’s Martin Luther King Jr. in the powerful Selma, nominated for four Golden Globe awards. “There’s something wonderfully mellow and yet an on-the-pulse-contemporary vibe. It reminds me of a certain attitude that I want to bring to the red carpet."

The British star, in vintage Biba, brought an energetic and outgoing vibe to Thursday night’s W magazine bash at the Chateau Marmont. The VIP affair — celebrating the Golden Globes and W’s Best Performances issue and hosted by W’s Stefano Tonchi and Lynn Hirschberg and hotelier Andre Balazs — drew a healthy mix of nominees and industry bold-faced names.

Speaking of energy, Ejogo was bursting about her upcoming awards show ensembles. “I’ve just come from trying on a bunch of dresses,” she says. “I’ve done exactly the thing I’d hoped to by combining super-modern contemporary designers — some who are really well known and some who are completely under the radar — with some amazing vintage stuff that no one else is going to be rocking. It’s a really wonderful tapestry of fashion." 

You’ll have to keep an eye on Hollywood’s major red carpets in the coming weeks to peep her new looks. But hopefully you won’t catch any bulging gowns.

“I’ve discovered that a Caesar salad with no croutons has been my ritualistic meal,” Ejogo said with a smile. “It’s just enough substance to keep you going without an awful bloated stomach that doesn’t ever look good."