This Is Why Bogie and Bacall Had the Best Love Story, Ever

As Told By Bogey and Bacall - P 2014

As Told By Bogey and Bacall - P 2014

From rousing games of ping-pong to some of the most passionate kisses we've ever seen, Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart truly did seem to have it all — just like the song says. Here, we break down what the power duo has taught us about love.

She was only 19 when they met and he was 25 years her senior, but from the moment Humphrey Bogart asked Lauren Bacall to write her number on a matchbox in 1944, it was on. The duo married a year later and enjoyed one of the most legendary — albeit short-lived — love stories in Hollywood history (he died of esophageal cancer in 1957, when she was only 32). Together Bogie and Bacall made four films, two children and left countless mementos of their intense, instantaneous connection. Film historian Leonard Maltin agreed, telling Vanity Fair that their relationship was "one of these instances where it’s quite possible that we are eyewitnesses to an actor or actress falling in love, and while good actors make us believe that all the time, there has to be some extra kick when it's real.”

Here, as we mourn the husky-voiced screen siren who died on Tuesday at the age of 89, we glean wisdom on what relationships should look like from the couple who had it all. 


Laugh as much as you can.


And travel. Even if you feel like you shouldn't. 


Share diaper duty (and other matters of the home too). 


And don't be afraid to run around and get competitive every so often to keep the spark alive (unrelated: her outfit here is beyond). 


Challenge each other with battles of the brain (you can even let him win once in a while). 


And look at each other like magic. 


Don't forget to dance, even if you don't always want to. 


But make time to hang out on the couch (the bow tie is optional). 


A strong shoulder and willing hand grasp are worth a million bucks. 


So is a gaze that says everything without saying a single word. 


Don't forget the romance. 


And absolutely kiss like this (a lot, a lot). 



Most importantly, smile as much as you possibly can.