This Is Why Giuliana Rancic Won't Respond to Critics of Her Grammys Appearance

Giuliana Rancic HSN NO BLAST NO SOCIAL - P 2015
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Giuliana Rancic HSN NO BLAST NO SOCIAL - P 2015

The veteran E! host opens up about her haters and dishes on her latest HSN collection.

When Giuliana Rancic turned up to cover the Grammy Awards red carpet on Feb. 8, she received raves for her black beaded pantsuit — the first time she'd ever not worn a gown to a major event in her 13-year E! career.

But the ensemble delivered more than applause. The veteran host got attacked on social media by users for her thin frame. Rancic never responded to the firestorm until Pret-a-Reporter caught up with the 40-year-old at the Feb. 19 launch of her latest collection for HSN, G by Giuliana Rancic.

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"The reason I haven't really responded to all of that is because as soon as you respond — good or bad — it fuels the story," Rancic explained from the Soho House's Club Room in West Hollywood, host of her trunk show and cocktail bash, which also drew her Fashion Police colleague Brad Goreski. "I'm such a confident person, and I know exactly who I am, and I know the truth. As long as I know the truth and my family knows the truth and my friends know the truth, that's all that matters."

While she wouldn't say what that truth is, Rancic added that the seemingly constant focus on her weight has recently caused her to respond in an emotional way, even if on a subconscious level. "I actually feel sorry for people who make mean comments or awful comments about someone's weight or appearance. When I read those comments, I think, 'Wow, this is more about them than me,' " she said. "I'm not saying this as a bullshit answer to get around this question. At this point in my life, I don't have to answer it or justify any of it with an answer."

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That said, Rancic will eventually provide more insight into the weight debate. She told Preta that she pulled a near-final version of her upcoming memoir from Crown Archetype to add a section about the weight issue. That book will be out this spring.

She also provided a few answers to us about her HSN collaboration, which also includes her first very denim line and a loungewear line dubbed Off Air by Giuliana. "I'm all about giving women fashionable clothes that are affordable. My outfit is all G by Giuliana and [costs] probably $100 for the whole outfit," she said. "I'm all about that. I don't want to put my name on anything that is too expensive."