San Sebastian: Isabel Coixet to Direct 'Spain in a Day' Movie, Featuring Clips from Lives of Everyday Spaniards

San Sebastian Film Festival - H 2015
CTK via Iñaki Pardo

The project is Radio Television Espanola's first event film, with the public broadcaster also announcing a $24.5 million investment in 358 movies and 60 new programs.

Spain’s top female director, Isabel Coixet, whose Nobody Wants the Night opened Berlin this year, will direct public broadcaster Radio Television Espanola’s (RTVE) first event film, Spain in a Day, TVE director Jose Ramon Diez announced on Friday at the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

The film is based on Ridley Scott’s Life in a Day — which already has English and Italian versions — and will be a collective project using social media that sees everyday Spaniards contribute one-to15-minute clips from their lives all shot on the same day, Oct. 24.

RTVE will co-produce the film with Mediapro. Coixet, who is also in preproduction on the English-language drama The Bookshop, will edit the pieces into a Spanish-language feature film that is scheduled for a premiere at next year’s San Sebastian festival.

The announcement came as RTVE announced its renewed commitment to Spanish film production, with $24.5 million (€22 million) invested in 358 films and 60 new programs. While the investment is a slight drop from last year’s €26 million, the number of projects receiving funding from RTVE is the highest in the past eight years.

RTVE will also back Jordi Frades La Corona Partida, which plays off the success of the broadcaster’s historical drama series Isabel and Carlos, Rey Emperador. Some 4 million viewers tuned in to watch the grand finale of Isabel, which ran for three seasons and consistently boasted strong audience figures. The cast from the popular series, Rodolfo Sanchez and Irene Escolar, will star in the Spanish film, which tells the story from the point of Queen Isabella’s death and her daughter’s rise to power.

Other films on RTVE’s slate include Paco Plaza’s terror film El Expediente, Elio Quiroga’s film noir La Estrategia del Pekines and Pablo Larrain’s Neruda.

TVE also announced it is preparing a TV movie to coincide with the 400th anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes’ death, Cervantes contra Lope, focusing on the two great Spanish authors of Spain’s Golden Age.