ISPs take lead in poll of music providers


A majority of music fans polled in the U.S., the U.K. and France said they go to Internet service providers for their music, according to a survey published at MidemNet, the annual digital-music forum that precedes music industry gathering Midem.

The survey said that 46% of those polled identified ISPs as their top source of tracks, with 10% preferring cable and satellite TV providers, 5% using mobile operators and just 3% depending on handset manufacturers.

The poll, provided by Leading Question and Music Ally, was presented as players including Google, MySpace Music, Nokia and Blackberry gathered to discuss the way forward for the recording industry.

A lively session involved Eric Nicoli, CEO of Vue Entertainment and R&R Music in the U.K.; Ian Rogers, CEO of Topspin in the U.S.; and Michael Robertson, CEO of MP3Tunes in the U.S. Robertson said it was a mistake for the majors to be suing technology companies. Nicoli responded, "People who use technology and knowingly break the law shouldn't be shocked or offended if somebody brings them up on it." (partialdiff)