Israel's MGM channel goes HD


CANNES -- MGM Networks is saying "Shalom" to a new high-definition version of its localized channel in Israel starting this month, MGM said Tuesday.

The new HD version of Israel's MGM channel, 100% owned by MGM, will be simulcast together with the existing standard network in the territory, both of which will be subtitled in Hebrew.

Israel's MGM Channel will air as part of the HD basic tier of Israeli DTH platform YES then move gradually over the next few months to a 24/7 simulcast of the current standard MGM Channel.

"As high definition begins to roll out all over the world, MGM plans to be at the forefront of this compelling new medium," executive vp of MGM Networks Bruce Tuchman said in a statement.

Israel's localized HD channel marks the company's third HD network launch in the last 18 months. MGM's channels are available in more than 120 countries worldwide and broadcast in almost 20 languages.