Italian producer has script, cash stolen

$12,000 intended to finance a film taken from hotel lobby

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TORONTO -- An Italian producer attending the Toronto International Film Festival was the victim of a brazen public theft in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel -- ground zero for the industry gathering.

According to the Toronto Police's 53rd division, the unnamed movie producer placed his briefcase containing a script and around $12,000 intended to finance an upcoming project on a sofa in the hotel lobby.

During an incident on Thursday caught on the hotel's closed-circuit camera, a heavy-set man wearing jeans and a black T-shirt entered the lobby and sat down on the sofa next to the unattended briefcase.

After the suspect placed a knapsack beside the briefcase, he picked up both the knapsack and the briefcase and made a quick escape from the hotel.

The Four Seasons is popular with A-list stars attending the Toronto festival, and autograph seekers that camp out at its many entrances in the city's upscale Yorkville district.

Toronto police went public with their theft investigation Saturday in the hope that festival attendees moving in and out of the Yorkville district during the film festival may come forward with information about the security camera image of their suspect.