Italian TV journalist Enzo Biagi dies


ROME -- Enzo Biagi, one of Italy's most visible television journalists who brought the evening news to Italians for more than two generations, died early Tuesday. He was 87.

Biagi was well known for his thick-rimmed glasses and a no-nonsense reporting style that stood in contrast to the complicated and convoluted approach of many other Italian newscasters and journalists.

In a career that started in the early 1950s, Biagi worked for state broadcaster RAI and several newspapers. He also wrote about two dozen books.

Biagi was honored Tuesday by top political leaders, fellow journalists and regular citizens. Even broadcaster Mediaset paid homage to the popular Biagi, who saw his news program "Il Fatto" (the Fact) canceled five years ago after heavy criticism from Mediaset's controlling shareholder and then-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Biagi, who suffered from heart problems, was in the hospital for about a week. He appeared on television as recently as mid-October.

A funeral service is set for Thursday in his hometown of Belvedere, near Bologna.