Italy Box Office: 'Inside Out' Becomes No. 2 Film of Year

'Inside Out'

Animated films have largely escaped piracy in the country.

Inside Out is hot on the trails of Minions for the honor of top-grossing film of the year in Italy.

Animated films have largely escaped the dangers of piracy in Italy, where families have made an outing of the Pixar and Universal films. To date, Minions has made $26.3 million, and Inside Out has made $24.9 million. That makes the latter the number-two film of the year in the country as of this weekend.

Other films unscathed by Italy’s rampant piracy problems are the number-three film of the year, Fifty Shades of Grey, with $22.4, and American Sniper, which premiered ahead of its American release, bringing in $21.7, for the number-four spot this year.

This weekend, Inside Out reached the number-two box-office spot with $3.3 million behind Hotel Transylvania 2, which debuted with $3.65 million. The Martian came in at number three with $2.67 million.

Despite the grand entrance of Johnny Depp in VeniceBlack Mass failed to shine, opening with $1.23 million in the fifth spot. Everest stayed on the charts in the number-six spot with $958,236 in its third week.

And Minions miraculously has stayed in the top 10 list since its Aug. 27 debut, pulling in $289,602 this weekend.