Italy Box Office: 'Suburra,' Streaming in U.S. on Netflix Day-and-Date, Hits Top Spot

Suburra Still 1 - H 2015
Courtesy of Cattleya

The mafia drama has been a huge hit in the country.

Netflix’s first big content gamble in Italy has proven to be a huge success. Stefano Sollima’s Suburra, the fast-paced mafia thriller that explores the ever-popular topics of corruption, politics, the Vatican, prostitution and drugs on the Roman coast, came in number one at the box office, pulling in $1.7 million in its second week, for a $3.9 million total.

It’s familiar territory for Sollima, who is known for the global TV hit series Gomorra, Romanzo Criminale and the film A.C.A.B. (All Cops Are Bastards), all exploring the underbelly of contemporary Italian life.

Netflix subscribers in the U.S. and Latin America can already stream the film day-and-date with its Italian theatrical release on Oct. 14. But for Italy, where the service just launched last week, subscribers will have to wait until May 2016 to stream the film.

Netflix has commissioned a 10-part TV series based on the film to premiere globally in 2017. Given the success of homegrown hits like Gomorra and the recent success of Suburra, it seems like an easy gamble for Netflix to take.

Inside Out is still the number one film of the year in Italy, having grossed $27 million in total. Bringing in $860,984 in the last week, it held on to the charts coming in at the number-six spot.

The number-two spot went to Hotel Transylvania 2 with $1.6 million. Anne Hathaway’s workplace comedy The Intern came in at number five in its second week out with $862,453.

But Guillermo Del Toro’s latest, Crimson Peak, failed to bring in the crowds in Italy, premiering at number seven with $840,158.

Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk also failed to pick up steam, debuting at the number-10 spot with a mere $627,881 after its Rome Film Fest bow.