Italy Box Office: 'Star Wars' Lands $2 Million on Opening Day

Courtesy of Lucasfilms 2015/Walt Disney Studios
'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

'The Force Awakens' exceeded expectations in the country.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens exceeded expectations for first-day ticket sales in Italy, bringing in $2 million on opening day with 219,010 attendees in the country.

Fans bought tickets in advance in order to guarantee their seats, packing theaters across the nation to see the new installment in the franchise.

Merchandising is also looking to benefit. Shops across Italy are filled with Star Wars merchandise ahead of the holiday shopping rush, while fans have donned their character costumes to head to matinee and evening viewings of the film. 

The Force Awakens opened up against a slew of local holiday films, which proved no match for the power of Disney’s continuation of the George Lucas saga. The No. 2 film on Wednesday, Caribbean Holiday from Medusa, made just $132,463, and third-place film, Christmas With the Boss from Universal, brought in $106,124.

Star Wars is well on track to break into the top 10 films of the year in Italy. The top five spots are currently held by Inside Out, Minions, Fifty Shades of Grey, American Sniper and Furious 7.