Italy moves forward on 'One Hundred Films'

Ministry of Culture brought in to help obtain film rights

VENICE -- Italy's much-heralded "One Hundred Films and One Country" initiative is moving into the difficult part of the process.

Two years after the project was unveiled at the Venice Film Festival, and six months after the 100 films were selected from Italy's so-called Golden Age to be refurbished and set aside for cultural use, organizers are beginning to focus on getting the job done.

The next challenge? Obtaining the rights to the films from the producers and distributors that hold them. It's not an easy task: The country's newly installed Ministry of Culture is being called on to step in, and the search for funding has begun.

"The next step for us is an important one," Fabio Ferzetti, director of the Venice Days sidebar, said during the first meeting on the next stage.

No timetable has yet been set for when the films will be made available for educational and cultural uses.