Italy to present World Cup in 3D

Space Cinema to screen a dozen matches starting June 24

ROME -- The upcoming World Cup will be the first in Italy to be available in 3D, with selected games screening on 20 movie screens that are part of the network run by the company Space Cinema.

The company said Wednesday it would screen about a dozen key matches starting in the final days of the second round, including all of the games from that point and onward featuring Italy, the defending champions. The first game to be aired will be the June 24 match between the Italian side and Slovakia.

Among the non-Italian games to be aired is the Brazil-Portugal match, as well as the final and semi-final games, even if they do not include the Italian squad.

The Space Cinema, which did not reveal the terms it agreed to to obtain broadcast rights, said the schedule will represent the first time a major sporting event will be screened in 3D in Italy.

Tickets will cost between 10 and 15 euro ($12 and $19) and will be sold online and to walkups if space is available.