Italy to Require Warning Info to be Included for 3D Glasses Used in Home

Group in 3D Glasses - H 2013
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Group in 3D Glasses - H 2013

The glasses are officially recommended for viewers over age 6, sparking a probe into a group that last year lowered the minimum age to just 3.

ROME – Italy’s Ministry of Health has ruled that glasses used to watch 3D films at home should carry a series of health warnings and be limited to viewers age 6 and above, while an investigation has been opened into a decision from the Cinema Exhibitors’ Association from last year to allow 3D glasses to be used by viewers as young as 3 years old.

The argument about the conditions for the use of 3D glasses in Italy has bubbled up from time to time in recent years, but the statement from the ministry is the first time a national government body has stepped in to establish rules for the safe use of 3D glasses.

In addition to recommending they not be used by viewers under age 6, it suggests they be used only for one film a day, that they be cleaned regularly to prevent them from becoming a vehicle for spreading germs and that viewers be warned to stop using the glasses if they experience discomfort. The suggestions are to be included in the instruction packet distributed with sets of 3D glasses sold for home use.

Unless there is an appeal, 3D glasses sold for home use will have to start including the warnings within 180 days.

Prosecutors in Rome, meanwhile, have started to look into a decision from ANEC, the Cinema Exhibitors’ Association, that last year lowered the official recommended age for viewers using 3D glasses in public cinemas from 6 to 3. Consumer groups said the change was made to increase interest in 3D films, but according to the Italian media, ANEC says the decision was based on a ruling from the Administrative Court of Lazio.

There are no such rules surrounding the use of 3D glasses in the US.